Future Extremely Tall Buildings

Tokyo Sky Mile Tower.Some of the plans for future extremely tall buildings are truly awe inspiring. The Jeddah Tower of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is going to be even higher than Burj Khalifa! In fact, it will reach over 3,000 feet in height. This building is also going to be used for residential purposes, as well as commercial purposes. Furthermore, the tallest floors that will be used are going to be even higher up than in the Burj Khalifa. The top of the building is going to extend to 3,300 feet. The construction has already begun, and it will be completed around 2020.

The tallest building that is being seriously planned is the Tokyo Sky Mile Tower. The Tokyo Sky Mile Tower is going to stand at more than 5,500 feet. This is even greater than one mile in height. Meetings between engineers and officials in Tokyo already have happened. However, the structure is not anticipated to be built until 2045.

How These Buildings Will Be Useful In The Future

Some structures, such as the Tokyo Sky Mile Tower, could potentially be helpful in helping people to adjust to climate change. The extremely tall structures would stand above rising seas. In the future, it may even be necessary for buildings to be built to extremely tall heights to be safe from flooding. Additionally, the new skyscrapers won’t be like the skyscrapers of the past. These structures are designed using state of the art technology. This will enable them to withstand earthquakes more easily. Rather than being vulnerable, they can be designed to sway during an earthquake. This can allow them to avoid damage.

Additionally, tall buildings can help to save space in a city. As populations are increasing, cities are becoming crowded. In some cities, this is causing serious problems. As buildings grow taller, more space is created. Taller buildings will make more room for apartments and commercial space.

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Many of these extremely tall buildings are somewhat self contained. People can be employed within the structure and also live in it. They also can shop at stores that are contained within the structure. This can remove the need for driving, in some cases. In this way, these super tall structures can help to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. This can help to reduce global warming, and it can also help to reduce the amount of air pollution.

There also is a certain aesthetic appeal to extremely tall structures. They are truly incredible sights to behold. It is truly awe inspiring to see a building extending thousands of feet into the sky. The views from the upper levels of these buildings can be truly awe-inspiring. One can see for miles and miles on a clear day. It can also be said that humans have an inherent desire to strive to build taller and taller structures.